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Larson produces both Date Palms and Fan Palms for cell tower concealment. Durability and realism guide all of our production processes. Using highly resilient urethanes, polyethelenes, and fiber-reinforced polyesters, both our Date and Fan Palm Fronds can be positioned directly in front of antennas without causing havoc-inducing signal reflection. Our products meet EIA-222 standards and have been wind tunnel tested to 140 MPH.


The Mono-Palm “trunks” are clad with a proprietary and seamless bark texture that expands and contracts with the tower. Several natural bark textures are available, each molded from a real palm tree.


Larson offers truly “co-locatable” palm trees with four or more antenna levels. Co-location options include “functional pineapples”, in-trunk concealment, and a highly flexible “dead frond skirt” which can be retrofitted onto existing structures or supplied with new mono-palms.

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