Innovative Process

Larson Process

Larson has always been an innovator in developing the most realistic and functional camouflage solutions.  Our commitment to research and development enables us to create the most cost effective environments while maintaining our standards for the highest quality.  Larson Camouflage’s professionals, artists and technical staff members self-perform the design and fabrication of sensitive antenna site concealment products. We also have technicians who can assist the contractor on site as needed to ensure an aesthetic, quality installation.


Every member of the Larson team takes pride in ensuring that every product is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Larson Process

Bark Textures

Our process utilizing a seamless epoxy composite can replicate virtually any texture.  By controlling the sophisticated installation of our bark, we ensure proper adhesion to the pole surface, eliminating unsightly seams.  Larson artisans then finish the bark with appropriate painting and highlighting, creating a very naturalistic look.