Larson Tree Product


Larson built the first Mono-Pine 20 years ago. Since then, there have been a number of concealment companies that have come and gone. Our refurbishment group is equipped to replace branches and bark that were originally manufactured by other concealment vendors. We possess the knowledge and custom fabrication skills to manage all of the variables of any particular site, providing replacement product solutions and installation services that will bring out-of-date sites up to current standards.

Larson Tree Product

Refurbishment Options

  • Site Analysis – Inspection
  • Bark Replacement or Installation
    • Complete removal and disposal of failing bark
    • Seamless bark installation with Larson’s proprietary Ultra-Flex bark and custom paint
  • Palm Tree Rehab
    • Mexican Fans
    • Date Fronds
    • Frond Adapters
    • Dead Frond Skirts
  • Custom Field Painting
    • Repainting of bark/pole
    • Color Adjustments to foliage
    • Custom Color Matching of Antennas

  • Branch Replacement Re-foliation and Installation
    • Removal and disposal of old branches
    • Installation of new branches
    • Custom Branches
    • Antenna Socks
  • Branch Density Adjustments (Alter existing branch lay-outs to meet tougher zoning requirements)
    • Structural Analysis
    • Field Welding
    • Custom Fabricated Branches
    • Branch Installation